Class Rooms:

Currently each classroom is equipped with the essentials such as chairs, desks and writing board. However as the learners require special care and equipment, the Al Ansaar Foundation makes every effort to equip the classrooms to meet the needs of the learners as and when funding becomes available.

Media Center:

A selection of reading and visual material for mental stimulation is provided. This centre is basic but plans for a more adaptive centre for the learners are in progress.

Visual Arts Center:

Interactive charts and painting exercises to enhance creativity are provided to the learners.

Aquatics Center:

Learners are provided training and stimulation under strict supervision at the Aquatic Center. Swimming and aquatic exercises are an important form of therapy and thus vital to the development of a child’s motor skills. Future plans are to heat the pool so that learners may maximise the center during the winter seasons.

Play Area:

A safe and secure environment for the children to exercise and play. Some of the facilities that comprise the various play areas of the institution include a jungle gym, swings, trampoline and a sand pit. Plans to expand the play area are under consideration, however space is a limiting factor.


The Following types of therapy are offered at the school:

-Occupational therapy (Nasreen Ebrahim Practice No 0169013 ): the therapist ensures that all learners reach their optimal level of development in all spheres of life. It offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment of visual perception, physical abilities and activities of daily living.

-Speech therapy (Yasmin Jajbhai Practice No 0146048): The therapist cater for the assessment and treatment of cleft palate, language delays and disorders, phonological errors, articulation, feeding difficulties and learning disabilities.

-Physiotherapy (Raeesa Hansa Practice No 0660000370843): the physiotherapist with specialised knowledge assesses learners prior to admission. Treatment is on an individualised basis according to each learner’s diagnoses and requirements.

-The Al Ansaar Foundation maintains all related costs for the therapies stated above to all learners that cannot afford the fees.

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